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Fastest bowl sport


Vision & Mission

Bocce Victoria's Visionis"To include more Victorians in all facets of the Sport" 

Mission "Bocce – Is an inclusive sport for all Victorians" 

In Victoria we are passionate about Bocce. Some of us were shown the benefits and rewards of this sport at a young age, others at later stages in our lives. For some of us it is a tradition passed down from our ancestors or a recreational game used to socialise and keep in touch with friends and family, whilst others use bocce to keep mentally and physically fit. 

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People Play Bocce Because... 

#1 it is a lifetime sportA democratic sport for all cultures and genders. You can learn to play all facets of the sport from traditional to athletic events at a young age and continue to play traditional games into your later years. 

#2 it provides many healthy benefitsBocce promotes flexibility, coordination, strength, balance and endurance – and gives you a great aerobic and anaerobic workout. 

#3 it is a popular inclusive sportBocce is a sport for everyone and can be modified to include people of all abilities. It’s played in the ‘Special Olympics’ and also in the ‘Paralympics’ (known as Boccia). 

#4 it can be played anywhereyou can play indoors or outdoors, all year long. You can play a social game on sand, clay, grass, or carpet 

#5 it is an International sportBocce is part of the sport-boules confederation (CMFSB), recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is the second most popular sport in the number of participants. 

#6 it is a low cost and injury-free sportBocce is inexpensive to play with bocce courts throughout Victorian communities. Equipment cost is minimal and there are few injuries in this non-contact sport. 

#7 it is a fast twitch athletic & high accuracy precision sport5 minutes of “Progressive throw” correspondents to a 1500m athletic race and 50kg of bronze metal throws, testing the athlete’s accuracy, stamina, concentration and athletic ability. 11 throws at different specially placed targets in the “Precision Throw” event tests the player’s dexterity, concentration and self-control. 

#8 it is fun to play and watch It’s fun to knock out your opponent’s bocce balls or targets in a throwing event, or to bowl your ball closest to the jack. Competing with your friend, partner, corporate colleague or opponent makes it even better. It will help you build networks of friendship; it’s a team game. 

2024 Olympics & Smash League


Boccevictoria @65scorpio @Boccesmash 3,10mar: Furlan club,Thornbury 12mar: Italian club, Morwell 24mar: Casa D'Abruzzo club,Epping 31mar:Epp/Mor 7apr:Epp
Boccevictoria #Bocce smash 2017 LIVE ONLINE ( week 2, 3 March 7:30pm 2017: Roar v Jets, Power v Rush
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