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BFV Committee endorsed

 The BFV committee endorsed for another 2 years.

   It was a good turnout at this year’s AGM with members from most of  the  affiliated Bocce clubs in attendance.

 The President Frank Funari and his committee were endorsed for another 2 years, with the addition of Vice President Vanessa Allegretto.

 The meeting was well received, with all tabled reports being endorsed. General business was lively as the promotion and relegation new systems generated a lot of discussion.  In the end it was agreed to trial of the new system of players not wanting to be promoted to be handicapped 2 points per game for the Singles games only. ( It was agreed at the BFV Committee meeting on 24/8/15 to trial this for the singles games only  and not to be applied to the doubles).

  Overall the   past 12 months was yet another of change and challenges for Bocce Victoria. In 2015 some  small steps towards changing the image of the Sport of Bocce were made, with the  launch of   Beach Bocce in January 2015,  the  implementation of a regular  Junior League along with the inauguration of a  weekly Radio segment on 3MDR Mountain District Radio 97.1fm.  On the Bocce courts Victoria held a most successful National Raffa Open at Morwell Club. A great  National Championship at the Veneto – a Club that we hope to re-energise the sport. The Australian Junior and Under 23 Open grew in numbers this year and was held in Victoria at the Casa D’Abruzzo.  Also 3 of our members participated in the World Raffa Singles championship in April, 2015 and 2 went to the World Women’s Raffa in China last year.  In Volo, one of our representatives went to Macon to compete in the World Women’s and juniors participated in the Denis Ravera Invitational. This coming year, Victoria is once again represented at Denis Ravera International  by Max Tricarico & Felix Janosa. And also 2 of our State League  top players, Dino Mikolic and Santo Pascuzzi, will compete in the World Bocce Championships in Rijeka.

  In addition Frank Fava conducted a Referee Workshop and we even held a workshop for interested women players in Victoria in addition to the Coaching Workshop conducted with the participation of NSW and Queensland.

   To streamline the work and better utilise the resources, for the next 12 to 18 months,  Bocce Victoria has set a target to achieve 3 key initiatives & to have them successfully implemented -  

they are:


To streamline the work and better utilise the resources, for the next 12 to 18 months,  Bocce Victoria has set a target to achieve 3 key initiatives & to have them successfully implemented - they are:


  1. Strong GOVERNANCE  - Supplement the BFV committee with additional volunteers & implement a new structure

  2. Sustained GROWTH - Expand the Junior Bocce League &

  3. BRANDING – change the image of the sport to meet today’s lifestyle by   implementing  the Bocce Smash & Novice leagues.

 Although  it was  a tuff year for Bocce in Victoria it was agreed that it was heading in the right direction with some small steps taken towards the vision for a  prosperous  growth in the sport of Bocce.  As that famous saying goes  ‘A long journey starts by taking the first step’, and Bocce Victoria has started the journey.


Frank Funari thanked to the many volunteers that help run Bocce Victoria every week - all the competitions including the Interclub & social tournaments. Thanks to the  Clubs, Club Delegates, Regionals (especially NEBA & MORWELL), Frank Fava & his Referees, and the Coaches lead by Gino Monturo & Marcella Giacomin, the Juniors  especially Tony Biancacci who has volunteered his time to run the weekly junior training/competition.  Thanks  to Adeliai Pase & Angela Allegretto for running the Technical draw and Frank Palermo & Santo Pascuzzi for their hard work mostly unseen as they deal with the finances & the Depart of Sport obligations.  Welcome to the new committee members of Vanessa Allegretto, Dina Tricarico, Linda Janosa & Rosa Rossi who are new members  of the  committee & are a welcome addition to the committee.  Also recently appointed as Sponsorship Director - David Marks, who will lead the BFV Sponsorship drive for the coming year. To Pasqualina Casuaria who is in remission & we wish her a healthy recovery.  


In closing thanks to all those  dedicated hard working bocce enthusiast Committees in Victoria  -  job well done & looking forward to a successful achievement of our  target deliverables for 2016.




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