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After  a somewhat ordinary Day 1 start, in the Denis Ravera Challenge,  Day 2 was fantastic with Gold in the U23 Precision going to Daniel Samsa from NSW.

The decision by Team Coach, George to enter  the boys Felix, Max and Daniel in the 3 categories of the precision throw paid off
Daniel, had his best ever  performance  - achieving a score of 25 qualifying highest.

Felix whom had not trained for this event, managed a score of 3 for which he was greatly praised. Next on the list was Max in the under 15 section. Max was a little unlucky in that he managed to score 8 which was a creditable score for him, but just missed out by a couple of points to qualify for the semi-finals.
In the  semifinals/finals, Daniel again surprised everyone by scoring 22points to win outright against Italy who only managed a very low score of 12. Also against the Monegasque who had achieved the second highest score in the qualifying rounds - this time around managed only 4. 
 All were pleasantly stunned by the result – GOLD TO AUSTRALIA!

Overall the championships highlighted the effort that countries like Monaco have changed their attitude and embarked on a strong junior recruitment drive for both girls and boys. Switzerland and Turkey were well represented by both sexes as was Italy and France . Bulgaria who first appeared on the scene not so long ago had a group of girls and young boys competing- for Ray & Lina it stood out as a real achievement given their paucity of funds and resources.
Overall a  great day for Bocce Australia –  Again a big congrats to Daniel.
Celebrations all round - George can't get the smile off his face!

2024 Olympics & Smash League


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