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Fastest bowl sport


AGM 2016

AGM 2016 - Thursday 18th August

The existing BFV committee was endorsed again for another term.

President        Frank Funari

Vice President Vanessa Allegretto

Secretary        Mary Massena

Treasurer        Frank Palermo

Womens' Sec   Marcella Giacomin & Sally Fava

Junior Sector    Dina Tricarico

Referee Sector  Franco Fava

Coaching Sector Gino Montuoro

Sponsorship Dir. David Marks

Spl O's               Gianna Pellegrin

Committee          Linda Zanutta

                          Rosa Rossi


Over 50 members were in attendance to hear the reports from the board and to endorse the strategy for the next 3 years.

With funds dwindling and financial pressure mounting in 2015, the BFV committee set about ways to turn this around. The SRV’s 2016-2019 Supporting Victorian Sport and Recreation Program, was such an opportunity. Work had already started in 2014 on the BFV plan for Bocce. This was developed off the back of the whole of Bocce plan started with workshops supported by the Club Presidents, club affiliates and club delegates along with input from other sports such as Cricket, Tennis, Table Tennis and the Bocce Australia strategic vision of increasing participation. Using past experience, input from the affiliated clubs and club delegates the plan to introduce a hybrid form of the game was created and is the cornerstone to the strategic direction set by Bocce Victoria for the next 3 years. The program aims to ensure that our sport and its cultural significance in Victoria’s sporting landscape is maintained and supported by a road map to ensure growth. The cornerstone to the plan is the new form of the sport designed to increase participation – The ‘Fast Five Bocce Smash’. This would form the pathway from grass roots through to elite and would assist in the talent identification and development. The format would be built on bocce’s ability to provide a sporting experience for all abilities and for all ages and ethnic background to attract new participants to the sport

 In summary and lending from the quote ‘A long journey starts by taking the first step’; Frank went on to say that he was rapped that the BFV have taken the first steps and created a vision that we all can work towards. We ask our members to continue to be part of a positive solution in their input into our activities in order for our sport to thrive. Together we can make this a success and sustain the sport into the future as our bocce forefathers had the vision when they introduced the sport into Victoria and Australia.

Frank Funari - President Bocce Victoria


The AGM General Business was a passionate discussion as many members voiced their disapproval of the membership fee increase. Some questioned the  lack of communication by the BFV with the clubs about increasing  affiliation fees and the way the meal levy was introduced. Many excpressed the need for the BFV to contain the spending.  In all the discussion no suggestion was raised on how to increase membership or how to increase funds. It was all about containing spend. After a lengthy the committee agreed that it would take these concerns & further discuss in the coming BFV board meetings. It was also agreed that more communication would be introduced with Players & Clubs.


Raymond Cher - President Bocce Australia was present & conducted the councillor relections. Before doing so Ray gave an outline of the BFA initiatives & the International & National events for the next 18 months.



2024 Olympics & Smash League


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Boccevictoria #Bocce smash 2017 LIVE ONLINE ( week 2, 3 March 7:30pm 2017: Roar v Jets, Power v Rush
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