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NSW Blues blitz Championships

NSW Blues blitz Championships


Juniors 2017 Players & Officials

The second annual ASIA/OCEANIA JUNIOR and UNDER 23 BOCCE (volo) INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP was again a great success. With China and Japan participating it added an extra level of competition which was relished by the Australian teams from NSW, ACT and Victoria. The highlights were many and varied with the two most high spots being the increased skill level by all players participating this year, and the increased number of Under 14’s that participated. Again this year the NSW team dominated the event winning 12 Gold and 4 silver. It was another SAMSA Stampede, as both Daniel and Nicole stormed through the events winning most of the titles and the medals. They were well supported by NSW  new comers Eva Scoble and Negovan Novakovic making another great Junior championship result for NSW Bocce. 

The Championship was organized by the Bocce Federation of Australia in collaboration with the Victorian Bocce Federation and hosted at the Casa D’Abruzzo  Club Boccedrome, Melbourne over the three days, 7th to 9th April.

The Opening ceremony was well received with Club President Fernando Cardinale, BFA President Raymond Cher,  MP Bronwyn Halfpenny Member for Thomastown,   and BFV President/BFA Secretary Frank Funari along with other local and interstate dignitaries. The traditional bowl throw opening was again fun as the dignitaries all had a go - bowling the bocce closest to the jack(pallino).  

The Friday evening highlight was the annual Friendship Trophy with heat one   between Australia and China in the Rapid Throwing Doubles Relay event. This event is a Progressive Throw in Pairs competition, with Daniel Samsa and Ivan Pepe representing Australia and Xiangyang Jia and Yu Wang   representing China. With China on 2 wins to one, the stage was set for a thrilling event and it did not disappoint.  Australia hit the lead early and then China came back only to have Australia hit the lead again and win with a score for Australia of   30 hits from 50 throw to China with 28 Hits from 51 Throws. With Heat One going to Australia, Japan ( Masakazu Ito & Shunnosuke Kanesake)  was the next team to beat, for Australia to win back the trophy.  This   was played out on Sunday and Australia was in top form again beating   Japan with a score of 23 Hits from 56 Throws to  Japan 20 Hits from 54 Throws.

The three day Bocce Tournament bought together the best junior bocce players from across Australia. Eighteen elite Under18   and Under 23 yeas athletes from ACT, Victoria, New South Wales, as well as the best of the best from China and Japan. It was a shame that both Queensland, and South Australia decided not to participate.  The challenge heading to the 2018 Championships is to ensure that many more Australian juniors from other States participate as Bocce Australia   will be inviting Monaco and Turkey along with China, Japan and other Asian nations.

The Championship consists of the traditional forms of the game, the Singles and the Doubles, the juniors competed in the more spectacular Bowl Throw, Precision Throw, and the Progressive Throw competitions along with the spectacular Rapid Relay Throwing event.

In the Under 23’s - NSW were the stand out team at these championships with 5 titleholders, followed by Victoria with 1 title.   Daniel Samsa (NSW) repeated his last year’s International victory by winning all titles the   Singles,  BowlThrow, Doubles, Single Progressive, Relay Rapid  and runner-up in the Precision Throw. Ivan Pepe was in the medals winning the Precision Totle and 2 runner-ups in the Singles and Single Progressive throw. China were   in the medals  with Chenyi Wang winning the 2 women’s Throw events and a second in the Doubles.

In the Under 18’s – it was the duo from Victoria Felix Janosa and Max Tricarico that were the power team winning 6  titles to Japan 2 and China 2. The Victorian U18 team of Felix, Max and Peter Rossi coached by Angelo Parisi were very competitive as shown in the results.  Peter Rossi was gallant but did  not materialize into a trophy but demonstrated a solid sporting effort in which his team mate Felix publically recognized this by dedicating  his winning Best & Fairest trophy to Peter. China and Japan were very competitive with Japan winning 2 Gold and 5 silver while China managed 1 Gold and 6 silver.

 The Under14’s were full of surprises with ACT, NSW and Victoria all amongst the medals with NSW  new comer Negovan Novakovic winning 3 Gold and a Silver and was supported by Eva Scoble with 2 Gold. In the double relay it was a tussle between NSW (Negovan Novakovic  & Eva Scoble) against Victorian team of (Lucy Janosa & Lexi Tricarico).  Although the Victoria team were competitive   they were out paced by the NSW duo winning every heat including the final with a score of 38 to 56.

The highlight game of the championship was the final of the U14’s singles between ACT’s  Michael Pevere and NSW’s  Negovan Novakovic. It was a close game and with time running out Michael managed to level the scores and it was up to Negovan to try to win back the point. He threw three times narrowly missing the nominated target Bocce. In the end with time up & scores level an extra end was needed to be played. Michael had the opening bowl and he did a magnificent bowl right up next to the jack, not leaving any option but for Negovan to try to throw to displace the bowl. Again it was a case of narrow misses as Negovan lined up & threw – just missing Michael’s Bowl. Second throw and again missed and a third throw again missing by a whisker and with all attempts had the last bowl he bowled and was short leaving Michael’s bowl in tact and winning the title of U14’s Singles championship. Both players were explendatory in their court composure and sportsmanship in one of the best singles games had at this championships.

Congratulations to the coaches for their dedication to having the players reach a good standard in Bocce – Yan Wang – China, Masayuki Okamoto – Japan, David Pevere – ACT, Angelo Parisi – Victoria, and NSW – Jurica Milic.

The Championship was concluded with a splendid presentation on the bocce courts with the winners & runner ups receiving Trophies followed by each player receiving a memento from the club. The Event was organized by the Bocce Federation of Australia in collaboration with Bocce Victoria. Our thanks for the smooth running on this event must go to the TournamentDirector Mary Massena, Event Director Frank Funari, Technical Director Anthony Biancacci, Catering Marcella Giacomin and Gianna Pelligrini, Scorers &  Logistics Linda Zanutta & Rita Fedele, Junior Director Dina Tricarico, Fund Raiser Rosa Rossi, Photography Raymond Cher Graphic Design Marcus Cher and VIP Hospitality Lina Cher.Chief Referee Frank Fava  and assisted with referees  , Joe Maselli, Vanessa Allegretto, Gino Montuoro, Attila Mezzalira, Nello Nerone,  and  Peter Manca. Bocce Australia is appreciative of the organizational support given by the Casa D’Abruzzo club volunteers for this event. We also wish to thank Fernando Cardinale, President of the host Club, for the Casa D’Abruzzo Club’s support in running this most successful Championship. Thanks go to our major sponsors Henty Holdings, Casa D’Abruzzo Club, Australian Sports Commission, Sport & Rec Victoria, Mantra Bell City,  Biviano Fresh Fruit and BonFoods.

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