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Bocce Victoria Awards 2017

Bocce Victoria Awards 2017 

It was a wonderful day at the Casa D’Abruzzo Club on Sunday 9th July 2017 for the BFV Gala Bocce Awards Presentation luncheon. The co-MC’s of MARY MASSENA & VANESSA ALLEGRETTO opened the event welcoming all the guests. In particular note present were the Casa D’Abruzzo Club president, Fernando Cardinale, the major sponsorship and partner of Bocce Victoria, the Sport and Recreation Department Victoria, the Bocce Australian President (Elect) & Bocce Victoria President Frank Funari and his wife Daniela, the retiring Bocce Australian President Raymond Cher and Women’s Sector Director Lena Cher, Bocce Australia Treasurer Tony Biancacci & wife Anne, the Bocce Federation Committee, BFV Life Members, and the many members and players along with family and friends present.


The Casa D’Abruzzo Club was again a great venue with their friendly hospitality and service making it a enjoyable day for all present. Bocce President Frank Funari in his opening speech welcomed all and thanked the many sponsors and supporters of Bocce Victoria who with their support have helped to make Victoria to be Elite state of Bocce in Australia after winning most of the Trophies at the recent Nationals in Perth. In particular thanks to Sport & Recreation Victoria, Bonfoods, Biviano Fresh, Casa D’Abruzzo, Mantra Bell City, Narkoojee Wines, LaTrobe City, Australian Sports Commission, Braestone Homes, Furlan Club, Henty Holdings, Veneto Club and Frank Raso. Frank mentioned that the bocce year was successful with the exciting Federation & Interclub competitions again being a highlight for the players. The Asia/Oceania Invitational International hosted at Casa D’Abruzzo was a triumph and so were the junior training programs held at the Furlan club. The year also saw the launch of the Bocce Smash and Frank   thanked all those involved in the event especially for their courage and conviction in trying something new. The event was a success as it was webcast for the first time with over 3000 global hits. The next series to be launched in February 2018 promises to be bigger and better, with interest from many more clubs.

The winning Morwell Power team of Dianne Penney, Joe Maselli, Nick Penney and Nick Cooper were award the prize monies for winning the inaugural Bocce Smash. Morwell Power were outstanding in their performance and determination to cliché the win from Bulla Jets.


Raymond Cher in his speech mentioned the coming world titles with Santo Pascuzzi representing Australia at the World Games in Poland, the juniors that will be going to Monaco to compete in the Denis Ravera International Bocce Challenge and of the Men’s Seniors that will be going to Casablanca, Morocco to compete in the Men’s World Titles.


BFV Lifetime Achievement Award

Raymond Cher, who is the retiring Bocce Australia President, was honoured with the Bocce Victoria Lifetime Achievement award for “the outstanding leadership and service given to the sport of Bocce in Australia. It is thanks to Raymond’s Outstanding Vision, Dedication and Commitment to Excellence that has helped establish the sport and to have it elevated to its current status in Australia and Worldwide”.

Raymond Cher was humbled by the accolades bestowed upon him and thanked all in particular the support and friendship from Tony Biancacci and Frank Funari. Also thanked for her contribution, as a team with Ray was Lina Cher. Lina thanked everyone for their support over the years and for their part in helping grow the sport.



Bocce Australia (BA) Awards

Tony Biancacci Treasurer Bocce Australia also made an award on behalf of Bocce Australia to both Ray and Lina Cher for their services & dedication to Sport of bocce.

In addition, the following BA awards were presented:

Volunteer AwardsMichael MIGLIACCIO – for services to the Special Olympics SE Ranges group, Vic

Also awarded was Sally Fava for Sports Administration & Services to bocce at Morwell




Bocce Federation of Victoria Awards presented by Vanessa Allegretto & Frank Funari were:


BFV Life Membership Award – Emilio Collo

In recognition of his involvement in the sport of bocce representing Victoria on National and International stage since the early 1980’s, with an outstanding 21 gold podium finishes nationally in the Doubles (8) Triples (4) and Fours (7) Titles and one with the 1997 the Victorian Pennant Team. Emilio also had the honour to represent Australia on a number of occasions at World Championships and was privileged to have been included in the 1983 inaugural Australia-China Council-Bocce Australia sponsored visit to China.   His volunteer contribution to bocce in the State of Victoria over many years includes, acting as Bocce Victoria’s State Referee at both ‘volo’ and ‘raffa’ tournaments, plus the Asia/Oceania Junior Invitational international championship. His other volunteer responsibilities regularly involve accepting the role of Club Tournament Director for Bocce Victoria and Interclub competitions. Emilio is the Chair of the Veneto Club Melbourne’s Bocce Sub-Committee in charge of arranging school programs and conducting weekly tournaments - the proceeds of which provides a financial return to the Club.    

BFV Appreciation Award – Angelo Allegretto

In recognition of her tireless work, dedication and service to the sport of bocce in Victoria, particularly her support and involvement in the preparation of Bocce Victoria’s Competition Draw over many years. Angela has been a long-term participant in the State Federation competition, proudly representing the Fogolar Furlan, Melbourne. This year Angela represented Victoria in the National Championships, achieving semi-final status in both the Singles and Triples contests.

The BFV Federation & Championship Trophy winners for 2017 were:



Runner’s Up - Linda. Vendetta – Freccia Azzurra Club

1st Place - Attilia. Mezzalira – Furlan Club

MEN’s SINGLE – “A” League

Runner’s Up – Antonio. Orlando – Knox Club

1st Place - Giovanni. Albanese – Freccia Azzurra Club  

MEN’S SINGLE – State League

Runner’s Up - Santo. J. Pascuzzi – Calabria Club

1st Place - Dino. Mikolic – Lazio – Marche Club


Runner’s Up – Diane. Penney & Leonie. Finocchiaro – Morwell Club

1st Place – Antonietta. Albanese & Linda. Venditti – Freccia Azurra Club    

MEN’S DOUBLE’S – “A” League

Runner’s Up – Antonio. Manzo & Santo. Cotroneo – Freccia Azzura Club

1st Place – Antonio. Coviello & Armando Cecchini – Lazio-Marche Club

MEN’s DOUBLES – State League

Runner’s Up – Raffaello. Marcon & Marino. Donisi –Freccia Azzurra Club

1st Place - Dino. Mikolic &J. Coviello – Lazio-Marche Club


WOMEN LEAGUE – Top Player is:-

Antonietta. Albanese – Freccia AzzurraClub


Top Player for Men in the “A” Grade LEAGUE - North/West is:-

Bernardino. Alcorace – Casa D’Abruzzo Club

Top Player for Men in the “A” Grade LEAGUE - South/East is:-

Santo Cotroneo – Freccia Azzurra Club

Top Player for State League is:-

Dino. Mikolic - Lazio Marche Club

The day completed with the draw of the BFV Annual Fundraiser Raffle, with the winning tickets being:

1st Prize Ticket No. 2262 – winner Tatura

2nd Prize Ticket No. 2167 – winner from Keysborough

3rd Prize Ticket no.1522 – Winner from Morwell

2024 Olympics & Smash League


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