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1972 Bocce News Article

Herald SunFirst ever Australian english language news article


The Herald, Melbourne journalist: Rod Nicholson


Australian champion John Pase deliberated, raced in and with a mighty 'OOMPH' let loose. A 5 pound circular, hollow brass ball hurtled through the air and with a striking clang, skittled other balls from the kitty.It was a spectacular sight in an exciting, action-packed game.


The game Bocce - similar to bowls but with a few obvious variations. Pase, 48, won the Australian singles title in Adelaide recently with a perfect days work winning all 10 of the matches. It was the  first time a player had been undefeated to win the championship. And if you think throwing a ball through the air to hit a target is easy, you're wrong.The alleys are 80ft long and it takes a strong and accurate toss to hit a five inch wide ball at the other end. It is normal to roll the bocce along the sandy alley and draw to the kitty. But if the opponent is so well placed in a game, tossing to 'spreadeagle' the bocces is the method used.


Victoria has dominated the Australian championships since they began in Melbourne in 1970. Victoria has won the singles and the doubles each year, except for this time when they lost the doubles. Pase was practising at the Fogolar Furlan Club in Thornbury, a club that cost $120,000 to build. Licensed, it caters for many of Victoria's 330 registered players every night, except Tuesdays and Thursdays. More than 3,000 players have taken up the game in Australia and it is expanding rapidly. A new centre is running in Werribee and others are in Cobram and Shepparton. A futher one will soon be opened in Frankston.


After the Australian championships this year an Australian association was formed with Mr. V. Turco as president and Mr Ray Cher as secretary-treasurer. both are Victorians. Bocce in Australia has already been recognised by the world body, International de Boules. By January next year Australia will become the 13th country in the world to qualify for the world championships.


Herald Article: 1972 - Journalist Rod Nicholson

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